2015 Conference Presentations

Below are the presentation topics that were featured at the TCDA Mini-Conference on June 5th in Spring Hill Tennessee titled “Making Connections. Growing Together”

  • Connecting with Offenders and Growing Communities
  • Emerging Adulthood as a New Developmental Stage and Career Implications for 18-25 Year Olds
  • The Use of Adlerian Techniques to Promote Vocational Growth and Development
  • Downward Mobility: Loss of Career as a Post Migration Stressor for Refugees
  • Career Counselors and Transgender Clients: Awareness, Approaches, and Advocacy
  • Addressing Power, Privilege and Oppression through the Career Counseling Relationship
  • Connecting the Dots: Moving from Theory to Practice in College Admissions Process
  • Spice Up Your Work with Clients by Introducing Expressive Arts Activities
  • The Importance of Addressing Career Needs in Mental Health Counseling Utilizing the Construction Theory
  • Using Mindfulness in Career Counseling
  • Recruiting Odyssey 2015: How to Make Sure Your Clients Get Focused
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Using Mandalas as a Creative Arts Tool Within a Narrative Career Counseling Framework
  • Developing Career Awareness for K-12 Students
  • Building a Culture of Career Development in Higher Education Settings through Academic Curriculum

Keynote: Dr. Debra Osborn, Associate Professor of Psychological and Counseling Services, Florida State University