TCDA maintains elected leadership positions that must be filled through nominations of interested persons. Leadership Chair positions are appointed for interested TCDA members. We are currently accepting nominations for:

President-Elect: Coordinates annual conference, manages regional events with support of the Regional Chairs, assists President on all duties, and obtains the Presidential role after this term.

Treasurer: Manages all the fiscal and budget functions of TCDA, works with secretary/membership chair to maintain records for due payments.

Membership Chair:  Promotes membership in TCDA, create a pleasant environment for new and returning members, send welcome emails, and develop ideas for generating new members. 

Regional Chair Middle Tennessee: Coordinates professional development opportunities in the middle Tennessee region in association with the President-Elect and other regional chair members.

All those interested in leadership or committee work should use the the Contact Us form with Subject Line: Leadership. We will reach out to you shortly after and request a resume and letter of intention. New leadership terms start July 1st. If you happen to apply in the middle of a term, your service will last only until the next term, depending on the office.